The Brethren also arranged for basic services for the Lodge Room.. The janitor received 52¢ per night in 1912. The Lodge provided coal and wood and the janitor provided oil for the lamps. The wage was increased to 75¢ in 1915 with the additional requirement that the janitor hoist the flag each night of meeting. The Treasurer was requested to pay Norman MacPherson $1 for a ¼ cord of wood.

The Lodge’s first representative in Grand Lodge was W.Bro. Alexander D. Ross PM who was appointed Grand Standard Bearer for 1912-13, 1914-15 and 1918-19. Bro. Ross was elected Junior Grand Warden in June 1915 and June 1919. He was replaced in 1916 by W.Bro. J.F. Martin PM who was elected Senior Grand Deacon, an Office he held again in 1921-22.

The first reference to a social event was in March 1916 on the occasion of the departure of Bro. Christian Petersen, a local clergymen who was moving to the United States. The Lodge organized a supper in his honour and he was presented with a gift and an Address. (Minutes, March 20, 1916)

The first record of attendance at Divine Worship was dated September 29, 1918. Twenty-four Officers, members and guests including the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Laughlin MacKinnon, attended St. John’s Church in Belfast. The Brethren convened in Special Communication on the previous night to make final arrangements. Members wishing to purchase hats, ties and gloves for the Parade were requested to stand. (The Lodge must have had the items on hand.)

The first death within the membership was recorded in 1919 when Bro. Alexander Sterling MacKenzie deceased. The Lodge prepared a Resolution of Condolence. The Altar was draped and the Masonic Flag was placed at half mast for three months in memory of the Brother. (Minutes, February 17, 1919.

The first record of attendance at a Memorial Service was on December 9, 1927 when twenty-five Brethren assembled for the funeral of W.Bro. Daniel D. MacLeod PM. The Minutes did not indicate that a Masonic Service was held. On April 25, 1929 M.W.Bro. J.F. Martin PGM was the Orator at the graveside Memorial Service for Bro. Arthur Hubley. W.Bro. J.J. Larabee PM conducted Memorial Services at graveside for more than thirty years. His first Service was held on September 11, 1932 following the death of Bro. Alexander MacDonald, a Charter Member. Bro. Larabee conducted his last Memorial Service on September 16, 1954 at the funeral of Bro. Dugald McColl. Two months later the Brethren assembled for Bro. Larabee’s funeral. Bro. James Heathwood conducted the Memorial Service.

W.Bro. Harry Johnstone PM of Saint Andrew’s Lodge served as Orator at several Memorial Services for Brethren of Mizpah from 1954 until his death in March 1963. He was succeeded by W.Bro. Harry G. Lavers of St. George’s Lodge. Bro. Lavers appeared as the Orator for the Memorial Services conducted by Mizpah Lodge until 1982 when W.Bro. Donald Judson assumed the role. The Lodge presented Bro. Lavers with a gift in 1966 and in April 1977 he was presented with a Masonic Bible “in appreciation of his help to the Brethren of Mizpah Lodge.” In May 26, 1977 the Lodge approved a motion that Bro. Lavers “be made an affiliate Honorary Member.”