The attention of the Brethren then shifted to the construction of a new Temple. The Steering Committee appointed on April 8 consisted of W.Bro. Donald Graham (Chairman), W.Bro. John Ellis PM, W.Bro. Judson Logan PM, W.Bro. Garnet Ross PM, M.W.Bro. Roy Boates PGM and Bro. George Lyle.

At the June 10 Communication the Brethren were informed that a lot on Maple Avenue near Wedgewood Manor was being considered as a site for the new Temple. W.Bro. George Lyle advised that he was drawing up terms for a Masonic Temple Company to consist of three representatives of Hiram and Lebanon Lodge and three representatives from the Scottish Rite Bodies.

On June 21, 1985 the Summerside Masonic Temple Company Incorporated was formed. The first meeting of the Company was held on July 4 and the following Officers were elected: President (W.Bro. Irwin Judson PM), Vice President (W.Bro. Ralph Woodside PM), Secretary (M.W.Bro. Roy E. Boates PGM), Treasurer (W.Bro. J.M. Logan), Directors (Bro. Milton Dyment and WM.W.Bro. Reagh Bagnall PGM).

At the Regular Communication on September 9, the Building Committee consisting of Bro. Milton Dyment, W.Bro. George Lyle and V.W. Bro. Tom Offer advised that the tender for the new Temple would be called on the following day. The Official Sod- Turning Ceremony involving the Grand Master was held on October 11.

The Deed for the new Temple at 425 Maple Avenue was presented by Bro. Lyle to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, M.W.Bro. Major E. Reid, and through him to Bro. Judson on October 21, 1985 during the Grand Lodge Visitation. The General Contractor for the 40′ X 88′ building was Gerald I. Adams Limited.. The cost of construction was $185,000. One of the many fundraisers for the new Temple was held on the evening of the Visitation in the form of a lottery. The activity raised $220 with a Masonic Clock going to the winning ticket holder. (Minutes, October 21, 1985)

The last Communication at 219 Church Street was held on December 9, 1985. Bro. Roger Rayner was elected as Worshipful Master for 1986. The Brethren were advised that the move to the new Temple would occur on Saturday, December 14. The Chaplain, W.Bro. Bruce Small, closed the Communication with a Prayer.

Twenty-five Brethren attended the first Communication in the new Temple on December 27, 1985 with Bro. Donald Graham presiding.