In the mid-nineties the Lodge was seeking a strategy for rejuvenation. At the Regular Communication on September 12, 1994 a panel discussion was held on the issue of “How can we make our meetings more interesting, more satisfying and more worthwhile attending ? ” The Moderator was V.Wor.Bro. George I.H. Mason, Senior Grand Steward. Panel members were R.W.Bro. Bruce Small Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Small PM and W.Bro. Tom Offer PM. Bro. Mason, a member of Prince of Wales Lodge No. 18, had been approached by Hiram and Lebanon Lodge for suggestions on improving the Lodge especially in the area of financial planning. His application to affiliate with the Lodge was received and balloted on at the September Communication and his election was announced at the Communication on December 12, 1994. Bro. Mason arranged for a Questionnaire to be circulated to the Brethren following the Panel Discussion on September 12. Sixteen were completed and returned. The findings became a basis for building a plan of renewal.

In the next three years Bro. Mason toiled with the Brethren of Hiram and Lebanon Lodge to promote greater interest in the work of the Lodge and to develop a financial plan for the Lodge. Several initiatives and programs within the Lodge during that interval are worthy of note. Lodge Notices were produced and circulated regularly. TheMinutes of December 27, 1995 acknowledge Bro Mason “for all his work in having Notices prepared and for all the information and good material in them.” Guest speakers for several Communications provided educational and informative programming. The list included R.W.Bro. T.R. Verma, R.W.Bro. Eric Ingraham and Sister Helen Herring, Past Grand Matron. At a Special Communication on March 13, 1995 Bro. Mason led a team in conferring ‘The Rusty Nail Degree’. A list of the duties of each Lodge Officer was made available and the aims of the Mentor Program were outlined. On May 8, 1995 the Lodge established a Financial Review Committee to examine the Lodge’s financial situation and rent structure. The members were V.W. Bro. Reg MacRae, W.Bro. Donald Craig PM and V.W.Bro George Mason. The Committee made its Report to the Lodge on June 14, 1995 and “V.W.Bro. Mason was congratulated on his work on the financial statement.” The details of the plan were not included in the Minutes but the Lodge did initiate several changes in its financial structure. A Benevolent Fund was established, dues were raised, several fundraisers were implemented, annual interest from the PUMA Account was transferred to the General Account and the Lodge adjusted to the per capita rental system.

With three years of work completed, Bro. Mason submitted his request for a Demit on December 8, 1997. The Lodge formally recognized his contribution at the Communication on St. John’s Night. W.Bro. Wendell Philips noted the degree of concern in the Lodge that prompted the Brethren to seek Bro. Mason’s assistance. “The fear was that our Lodge was going into darkness if something was not done.” Bro. Philips summed up the work and influence of Bro. Mason “A plan was incorporated, and proved successful, attendance is up and we’ve raised four candidates. We have renewed energies and enthusiasm and are ready to meet the future with heightened spirit.” The Brethren presented Bro. Mason with a clock in appreciation of his work.