The Communication began with King Hiram Lodge opening and approving the final set of Minutes after which that Lodge went to Refreshment and Mount Lebanon Lodge opened and approved its final set of Minutes.

W.Bro. P.N. Enman PM, the most senior Past Master present, was selected to preside over the election of Officers. Other Officers who occupied stations for the election included Bro. John W. Hogg (Senior Warden), and Bro. Ewen M. Nicholson (Junior Warden) and W.Bro. Benjamin R. Sharpe (Secretary). W.Bro. Henry T. Begg PM, M.W.Bro. Robert A. Gordon PGM and W.Bro. Reginald E. Ellis were appointed scrutineers. On the ballot being taken Bro. Enman announced that Bro. John W. Hogg had been elected as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. Other Officers elected for the first year of the new Lodge included.

Senior Warden Bro. Major L. Small
Junior Warden Bro. Ewen M. Nicholson
Secretary W.Bro. Benjamin R. Sharpe PM
Treasurer W.Bro. John D. Goss PM
Senior Deacon Bro. Gordon Toombs
Junior Deacon Bro. Morley M. Bell
Chaplain M.W.Bro. John M. Nicholson PGM
Senior Steward W.Bro. Charles Mountain PM
Junior Steward Bro. Arthur Corney
Marshal Bro. Donald Baker
Tyler Bro. Harold R. Walsh

Hiram and Lebanon Lodge met on December 27, 1927 for the Installation of the first slate of Officers. M.W.Bro. A.S. MacKay PGM was the Installing Officer assisted by W.Bro. E.B. Bernard PM. The two retiring Worshipful Masters, Bro. Ellis and Bro. Crosby, presented a large Altar Bible for the new Lodge. The Bible was suitably inscribed and is currently in the Lodge Room Library. It is interesting to note that the Altar Bible currently used by the Lodge was presented by Bro. Ellis in memory of Bro. Crosby in February, 1968. W.Bro. Benjamin Sharpe PM who was installed as Secretary held the position until his death on September 2, 1957. He had been installed as Secretary of King Hiram Lodge in 1923.

With a total membership of one hundred and eighty-one the newly amalgamated Lodge was the largest in the Jurisdiction in 1927 and it held that distinction until 1976. The Lodge raised nine Brethren in the first year. The first candidate for the mysteries of Masonry was David Lorne Campbell who was balloted on and accepted on January 9, 1928. Bro. Roy Tanton was the first candidate raised. Bro. Tanton was initiated in King Hiram Lodge on November 28, 1927. He received his Master Mason Degree on February 13, 1928. Bro. Campbell was raised on April, 1928.