The new Lodge Room and Temple at 425 Maple Avenue were dedicated by M.W.Bro. Major E. Reid, Grand Master, on June 14, 1986, twenty eight years to the day following the dedication of the Temple at 204 Hillsboro Street in Charlottetown. All Craft Lodges in the Jurisdiction were represented with one hundred and seven Masons in attendance. The Grand Lodge opened at 2:30 p.m. with fourteen Grand Lodge Officers and twelve Past Grand Masters present. Grand Lodge was called to Refreshment to allow Hiram and Lebanon Lodge to open. W.Bro. Roger Rayner invited the Grand Master to dedicate the Lodge Room. Grand Lodge was called to Labour and Bro. Reid dedicated the Lodge Room as the meeting place for Hiram and Lebanon Lodge No. 3. A Memorial Plaque presented by W.Bro. Clarence A. and Mrs. McFadden acknowledging contributions to the Building Fund of the Temple in memory of their son, W.Bro Donald McFadden PM, was unveiled following the Dedication.

During the public ceremony. at the entrance to the Temple, Ill.Bro. Gordon L. Bennett 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonry in Canada, dedicated a Plaque for the Scottish Rite Apartment. The Grand Master then unveiled a Plaque and dedicated the Masonic Temple to Freemasonry, Virtue and Benevolence. (Proceedings of 1986, pp. 5-6) The corn, wine and oil as emblems were poured by R.W.Bro. J.G. Gillespie (Deputy Grand Master), R.W.Bro. C.K. Thompson (Grand Senior Warden) and R.W.Bro. E.A. Dennis (Grand Junior Warden) respectively. R.W.Bro. Garland C. Brooks, Grand Chaplain, offered prayer. Following the Dedication Ceremony the Brethren and guests attended a buffet luncheon hosted by Regent Chapter No. 52 Order of the Eastern Star in the Banquet Room.

Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Summerside Masonic Temple
425 Maple Avenue

Several purchases and gifts for the new Lodge Room are noted in the Minutes. The Temple Company purchased one hundred arm chairs for the Lodge Room and Brethren or families who donated $20 for a chair had their name recorded ‘in the archives’. (Minutes, February 9, 1987) W.Bro. Bruce Small donate a Plaque in June 1987 to record the names of donors to the Chair Fund. The large wooden Plaque complete with Masonic Crests and twenty-seven individual name plates acknowledges Masons and Friends of the Summerside Masonic Temple Company who have contributed to the construction of this building.” W.Bro. Reginald and Sister Gladys MacRae donated a latch-hooked mat featuring Masonic Square and Compasses and Working Tools at each corner. The item presently hangs above the Senior Warden’s Station. Minutes, February 10, 1986) A donation from Sister Elva Shewchuk, widow of M.W.Bro. Nestor Shewchuk PGM, in memory of Bro. Shewchuk was used to purchase seventy-two chairs and fifteen tables for the Lounge Room. V.Wor.Bro. Tom Offer PM donated the Gavel that is still presently used by the Worshipful Master. In May,1988 Bro. Edward A. Ashton donated a wooden case for the Working Tools.

The first Petition for the Mysteries of Masonry at the new Temple was from Wendell Phillips. Bro. Phillips was initiated on October 27, 1986 and raised on June 29, 1987.