The Lodge continued to meet in the Journal Block which had served the original Lodges since 1923. A lease for five years with annual rent of $350 was signed. (Minutes, October 8, 1928)

The issue of a name for the new Lodge and the process of chartering the consolidated Lodge was a matter of considerable debate in the period leading up to the formal union. A Committee appointed by the two uniting Lodges had recommended in February 1927 that the name be ‘HIRAM AND LEBANON’ No. 3 and that a request be sent to Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island for a Charter bearing such name and number. The recommendations were forwarded to Grand Lodge on June 3, 1927 as a Petition signed by the Worshipful Master and Secretary of both Lodges. (Proceedings, 1927, p. 44-45) Grand Lodge was requested to authorize the amalgamation and to issue a new Charter accordingly

The Grand Lodge Committee on Charters referred the Petition to the Committee on Jurisprudence which recommended that the Petition to amalgamate be granted and that the Lodges be notified that a Charter will be granted “under the name and number Hiram-Lebanon No. 3 A.F.& A.M., when the organization is complete and a Charter asked for.” (Proceedings, 1927, pp. 45-46) The Committee on Jurisprudence did not give any reason for changing the name of the Lodge by replacing the conjunction ‘and’ with a hyphen.

Correspondence in the Gordon File at the Provincial Archives indicates that W.Bro. Robert A. Gordon PM, as Secretary of Mount Lebanon Lodge, had written on November 19 to M.W.Bro. George Wakeford, a former Grand Lecturer, concerning the chartering of the new Lodge. (Bro. Gordon’s letter did not bear the Seal of the Lodge and the Minutes do not indicate that he was instructed to contact Bro, Wakeford) Bro. Wakeford’s response was forwarded on November 22. Meanwhile R.W.Bro. Ernest Kemp prepared his letter to the two amalgamating Lodges on the same issue. He noted in his letter to the two Lodge Secretaries on November 25, 1927 that “Bro. G.W. Wakeford called at the Office and said that he had answered a letter.” Referring to precedent in New Brunswick, Bro. Wakeford suggested to Bro. R.A.Gordon that the Lodge be called HIRAM-LEBANON No. 3. (replace AND with a hyphen) He also recommended that it was unnecessary to issue a new Charter. Bro. Wakeford recommended that the Original Charter of the two Lodges be endorsed by the Grand Master and Grand Secretary. “By that process your original Charters hold their value.” Bro. Wakeford noted that precedent in United States was that the Charter of the older of the two uniting Lodges be endorsed. However, he indicated that, if consulted by the Grand Master, he would recommend endorsing both Charters. (Provincial Archives Acc. # 3001-11) The Grand Secretary noted in his letter of November 27 that the Grand Master concurred with Bro. Wakeford.. Grand Lodge proceeded to follow Bro. Wakeford’s direction on the matter of the Charter but the choice of the name for the Lodge remained in accordance with the request of the Brethren in Summerside.