The Brethren held several social functions in 1985 and 1986 both to support the Building Fund and to celebrate the opening of new Temple. On May 24, 1985 a roast beef dinner and dance was held at the Summerside Legion for the Brethren, their wives and ‘friends of their choice’. One hundred and eight tickets were sold realizing a profit of $575. (Minutes, June 10 ) A pot-luck meal was held in the Lodge Room on St. John’s Night in 1985 to celebrate the opening of the Temple. On February 15, 1986 the Brethren celebrated Valentine’s with another pot-luck with their wives. In April the fare was a boiled dinner. In the autumn of 1986 the Brethren were again summoned to the table with a barbecue in October, a bean supper in November, a pot-luck on December 5 in conjunction with the Grand Lodge Visitation and the Ladies’ Night Banquet on December 6. Profits of $888 were realized on the last two events. The Entertainment Committee that established the full schedule of activities in that period was chaired by W.Bro. Errol Monkley PM.

Some of the decisions of the Temple Company which impacted significantly on the Lodge were noted in the Minutes.The Monthly Rent for the Lodge in 1987 was set at $400. In 1995 the Temple Company adopted a per capita rental system. Hiram and Lebanon were assessed $25 per member. In 1987 the Company negotiated an insurance plan for the Temple which required the Lodge to transfer the ownership of all contents to the Temple Company. The value of items included in the inventory was $20,000. (Minutes, February 14, 1987) In 1990 the Temple Company announced an issue of bonds totalling $100,000 and bearing interest at prime less 1% payable annually until maturity in July 2000. In 1992 the Company purchased the vacant lot adjacent to the Temple. The purchase price was $1 per square foot.

On October 10, 1992 the Lodge hosted the Brethren of the Colonial Craftsman Club of Colonial, Massachusetts. The visiting Degree Team portrayed a Master Mason Degree in the style of 1775. W.Bro. Keith Small organized the event which began with a turkey dinner at the Miscouche Community Centre for the Brethren and their ladies. At 8:00 p.m. ninety Brethren assembled in the Lodge Room while approximately seventy ladies attended a 1775 style fashion show in the Scottish Rite Apartment. W.Bro. Frank Fishlock of the Craftsman’s Club acted as narrator for the Colonial Lodge. The setting for the Degree was the ‘Bunch of Grapes Tavern’. Bye Laws of 1775 were read, toasts offered and furnishings reset. The visiting cast was thanked by R.Wor.Bro. J. Gordon MacKenzie, Deputy Grand Master. Following the presentation the Brethren and their ladies gathered in the basement for refreshment. A collection of $1435 from the visiting Brethren was divided with 50% to charity and 50% to Hiram and Lebanon Lodge. The Worshipful Master on that occasion was Bro. Kendal Godkin. M.W.Bro. Winston Cousins, Grand Master was also in attendance.