Several of the Brethren have been honoured by Grand Lodge for special achievements. W.Bro. Garnet Ross PM was selected as Mason of the Year for 1985 in recognition many varied services to the Lodge particularly as Chaplain and Almoner. Bro Ross received the Award from M.W.Bro. Major E. Reid October 21, 1985 during Grand Lodge Visitation. A Memorial Plaque hangs with his portrait in the Ante Room.

W.Bro. A. Ennis Small PM was honoured by Grand Lodge as Mason of the Year in 1988 in recognition of his service as Secretary for eleven years (1977-1988). Bro. Small is in possession of perhaps the oldest piece of Masonic woodcraft in the Jurisdiction. The item in the form of an ornamental wall-shelf was crafted by Bro. Johannes Wilhelmus von der Schmall (1756-1830) the great, great grandfather of V.W.Bro. A. Ennis Small and M.W.Bro. J. Bruce Small PGM. The piece was hand crafted with a knife from a single piece of wood and measures approximately 10″ X 18″. It features several of the Masonic emblems including Square and Compasses, open Bible, acacia, hour glass, trowel, plumb, level, twenty-four inch gauge, pillars and letter G. The item once appeared in an auction sale and was acquired by Bro. Hugh Smith PM of Alexandra Lodge No. 5 who gave it to Bro. Small thus enabling it to remain in the family. Bro. Small also has a Masonic Apron belonging to Bro. Schmall. (Interview with Bro. Small June 13, 2000) Bro Schmall, who was of German ancestry, came to the Island as a Loyalist following the Revolutionary War and settled in the Bedeque area. He had been ‘made a brother’ in New York in 1782. (Gordon, p. 10) Mrs. Vaniah Milligan has a copy of Bro. Schmall’s Demit that was issued by the Lodge in New York. (Gordon File)

W.Bro. A. Ennis Small PM was further honoured by Grand Lodge on December 9, 1996 when the Grand Master awarded him the Honorary Rank of ‘Very Worshipful’. At the same Communication W.Bro. Henry Bishop PM received the same Honorary Rank.

In May, 1979 the Lodge held an Honour Night for W.Bro. Reginald Ellis in the form of a Lobster Dinner at the Y.M.C.A.. Mrs. Roy Boates headed the organizing committee for the dinner.

Hiram and Lebanon Lodge represents the rich heritage of two of the oldest Masonic Lodges in this Jurisdiction. The traditions of charitable conduct, strict discipline of its Brethren, deep respect for the deceased and fondness for the banquet table have all been nurtured and maintained over the years. The Brethren have overcome immense obstacles in the losses by fire, transitions between Lodge Rooms and the need to balance the desire for independence with the demands of other tenants. The membership past and present contains an impressive list of Masonic writers, leaders and devotees.