Hiram and Lebanon Lodge was very supportive of the new Airisle Lodge No. 20 and the two Lodges enjoyed strong Fraternal Relations throughout the thirteen years that Airisle operated. Hiram and Lebanon provided the Lodge Room rent free for the first year and thereafter at $200 annual. (Minutes, October 19, 1964) While Airisle Lodge operated several Joint Communications were held to conduct the Degrees. The first such Communication was on November 19, 1962 when the Degree Team from Airisle conferred the Fellow Craft Degree for four Brethren from Hiram and Lebanon. The Joint Communications were often held on Saturdays with Lodge opening in the afternoon and recessing for a dinner. On June 8, 1963 eight Fellow Craft received their Master Mason Degree with the Degree Team from Airisle Lodge led by W.Bro. Ian Austin handling the First Section and the Hiram and Lebanon Team under the direction of W.Bro. Garnet Ross conducting the Second Section. The Brethren were called to Refreshment after the First Section and shared a Banquet at the Tartan Restaurant before returning to Labour in the evening for the Second Section of the Degree. The same format was used in the following year on June 13 when three Fellow Craft from Airisle Lodge and one from Hiram and Lebanon were raised. On that occasion thirty-five Brethren were in attendance for the two sessions and dinner. Hiram and Lebanon Officers conducted the First Section of the Degree while the Airisle Degree team presented the Drama Section. The two Lodges normally attended Divine Worship together and the Installations on St. John’s Night were Joint Communications.

Hiram and Lebanon Lodge has maintained the traditions of charity that were so well established in its two founding Lodges. The Lodge continued to maintain the Masonic Room at the Hospital for a few years following the union of the two Lodges. The Lodge paid a $100 annual fee for several decades as a member of the Century Club at the Hospital. In succeeding years the Lodge has supported the Hospital Foundation with donations for capital equipment and major renovations. A gift of $100 to the Extension Fund of the Hospital was noted in December 1964 and a similar gift toward the purchase of Ultra Sound equipment in January 1985. In 1964 the Office of Almoner was created in the Lodge with W.Bro. Garnet Ross as the first to hold the position. In the following year the Offices of Almoner and Chaplain were combined. In June 1996 the Brethren discussed the difference between the Almoner’s Fund and a Benevolent Fund. A motion was approved in September 1996 to establish a Benevolent Fund in lieu of the Almoner’s Fund but with special guidelines to enable the role of Almoner to continue and to have certain discretionary powers. The annual Christmas Treats for sick and shut-ins has been a role for the Almoner for several decades. The ‘Bag of Fraternal Assistance’ continues to be passed at Regular Communications. Financial donations to the Canadian Bible Society, Protestant Orphanage and the Shriners’ Hospital have been recorded.