Hiram and Lebanon Lodge has also continued the tradition of its founding Lodges in maintaining a schedule of social events for the Brethren. For many years the Lodge had the tradition of celebrating St. John’s Night with dinner and entertainment following the Installation of new Officers. In 1930 W.Bro. Creelman MacArthur was toastmaster for the dinner at the Clifton Hotel. The last St. John’s Night celebration was held in 1952 at the Baptist Church Hall. In subsequent years the celebration in the form of a Ladies’ Night Banquet was held in January while in recent years the event has been held in October or November. In 1968 the “Annual Night” was celebrated jointly with Airisle Lodge on November 25 at the Vocational High School. W.Bro. Nestor Shewchuk PM was Master of Ceremonies. The guest speaker was Mr. Lorne Moase, newly appointed Deputy Minister of Education. One hundred and fifty Brethren, wives and guests were in attendance. The Breakfast Club for Masons and their wives began in 1986.

At a Regular Communication on September 10, 1984 W.Bro. A. Ennis Small read a letter dated August 29 from the Trustees of the Summerside United Baptist Church advising that “ we (the Church) require the rooms for Church purposes. We request that the present lease be terminated at the end of the present contract on December 31, 1985.” The letter acknowledged the good relations that had existed between the Lodge and the Church over the many years of leasing. That letter gave renewed impetus to the goal of a new Temple in Summerside. The Worshipful Master in 1984 was W.Bro. Donald McFadden.

The Lodge had been unofficially informed of the decision by the Church in June, 1984 and a Property Committee had been appointed to begin the search for a new Lodge Room. At the September Communication W.Bro. Errol Monkley reported that the Glad Tidings Chapel on Arcona Street was the only place available. During the autumn and winter of 1984-85 planning continued on the purchase of that property. A motion to purchase was approved at the Regular Communication on December 10 and the Scottish Rite Bodies were invited to share in the transaction. Just one week after the December Communication the Brethren were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of their Worshipful Master in a car accident. A Memorial Service for Bro. McFadden was held on December 19 with M.W.Bro. Wilfred Burns PGM as the orator. Memorials totalling $827.74 were committed to the Building Fund. In January the Lodge placed a ceiling of $65,000 on the offer of purchase the Chapel. A Special Communication was held on February 18, 1985 to discuss Lodge finances. The Property Committee reported that a bid of $62,000 had been made on the Chapel. A Canvass Committee was appointed under the leadership of W.Bro. Judson Logan. At the Regular Communication on April 8, 1985 the Lodge approved a motion to advise the Glad Tidings Chapel “that we decided not to buy their building.” The Minutes are silent on the reason for the change of plans.