The Lodge began the tradition of closing in August in 1931. In 1958 the summer recess was extended to include July as well.

In 1946 the Lodge had to leave the Journal Building because the Publishing Company required the space occupied by the Lodge Room. The Lodge was removed once again to the Oddfellows Hall on Water Street.

In 1949 the opportunity came for the Lodge to acquire greater independence in a new Lodge Room. A new Baptist Church Hall was being constructed at 219 Church Street and the Lodge Brethren persuaded the Church members to add a second storey to the Hall. To assist with the extra costs the Lodge advanced $ 7500 for rent, heat, lights and water for ten years. The Lodge moved into the Church Hall in May, 1950. The Worshipful Master was Bro. Roland P. Philipson.

The Lodge appreciated the new and larger quarters and had a good relationship with the Church. The renewal of the rental agreement in 1960 was a singular and minor exception. The Church wanted $5000 in advance to assist with construction of new Sunday School Rooms. The Lodge offered $ 4000 over ten years or $2500 every five years. The Church accepted the latter option and a new Lease Agreement was signed on May 2, 1960 with the option to renew the lease at expiration at $60 monthly. (Minutes, May 11, 1960)

Membership began to increase following the Second World War. During the first decade in the new Lodge Room the membership increased from one hundred and sixty-seven to two hundred and twelve. The Lodge achieved its highest membership in 1964 when two hundred and twenty-two Brethren were recorded.

The growth and activity of the Lodge was reflected in the large attendances at successive Grand Lodge Visitations:

1953 165 1956 176 1959 131
1954 120 1957 129 1960 110
1955 147 1958 166

(Minutes, selected years)

The Worshipful Masters during that decade of outstanding growth were : W.Bro. C.R. Monkley (1951), W.Bro. H.E. Daley (1952), W.Bro. K.I. Hansen (1953), W.Bro. R.K. Johnston (1954), W.Bro. J.M. Logan (1955), W.Bro. G. H. Ross (1956), W.Bro. R.T. Jenkins (1957), W.Bro. W.S. Burns (1958), W.Bro. R.E. Boates (1959) and W.Bro. E. B. Bernard (1960).

In 1956-57 M.W.Bro. James R. Murphy, Grand Master initiated an Achievement Award as an incentive to the Officers and Brethren of Constituent Lodges to attend Grand Lodge Visitations, Regular and Special Communications and to visit other Lodges. Other criteria for the Award related to the participation of Brethren in the work and life of the Lodge. Hiram and Lebanon Lodge won the Award and received a Certificate of Merit from Bro. Murphy. (Proceedings of 1957 p. 13)