In spite of the dim prospects the Lodge recovered in 1970. A new slate of Officers was elected on February 19 and ten Communications were held. A schedule of discussion topics was prepared and individual Brethren led the discussions. Efforts were made to collect arrears and the per capita tax owing Grand Lodge for 1968 and 1969 was paid. Eighty-three Brethren attended the Grand Lodge Visitation in October 1970. The recovery was short-lived, however, and only four Communications were held in the next twenty-six months. M.W.Bro. Clarence E. Walker lamented that the Charter of the Lodge might be lifted. On November 22, 1973 the Grand Master M.W.Bro. Norman B. Thompson along with the Deputy Grand Master and Grand Secretary met with a number of the faithful Brethren of Zetland. That pivotal gathering was the first recorded meeting of Zetland in more than two years. Discussions on that occasion resulted in the revival of Zetland Lodge. The resolve of a few dedicated Brethren and the return of two former members from Quebec was the basis of the rebirth. R.W.Bro. George Clark PDDGM and V.W.Bro. John H. Gordon PGS expressed interest in joining the Brethren of Zetland in the revival.

By 1975 the Lodge was back on track. This revival was genuine and the following decade was perhaps the most active in the Lodge’s history. The contents of the Annual Report of that year showed the impact of the years of decline. The Grand Secretary noted that reports from Zetland “had not been received for three years in which time apparently twenty-three members were either S.N.P.D., died or demitted.” Bro. Clark and Bro. Gordon were made Honorary Members. The Lodge was presented with a Certificate to mark its participation in the Centennial of Grand Lodge. Two Petitions for membership were received in August, 1975. The Entered Apprentice Degree was conferred in November for candidates Thomas Mitchell and Ernest Shaw with W.Bro. Herbert Leavitt as presiding Worshipful Master. That represented the first degree work in the Lodge since February 9, 1961 when Fellow Crafts Cecil Hutt and Reagh Callbeck were raised. The latest candidates were examined on their Fellow Craft Lecture by W.Bro. Herbert Leavitt who also presented the Second Lecture of the Master Mason Degree. The St. John’s Night tradition was resumed in December, 1975. The Brethren gathered at R.W.Bro. George Clark’s residence for a social hour following the Installation of the Officers for 1976.