The Worshipful Masters during that period of growth were: W.Bro. H.C. Leavitt (1976), W.Bro. J. Vance MacKay (1977-78), R.W.Bro. George Clark (1979), W.Bro. George L. MacKay (1980-81), W.Bro. Ernest Shaw ( 1982), W.Bro. Donald R. Hardy (1983), W.Bro. Robert H. Leard (1984) and W.Bro. Vernon Hardy (1985).

The Brethren of Zetland Lodge have been faithful in keeping up the social side of Masonry. St. John’s Night suppers in winter and picnics in summer were regular events on their social calendar. In 1882 the supper was catered by Mrs. Wisener at 40¢ single or 80¢ couple. Complimentary tickets for the ‘three Protestant clergy in the place’ were approved and each Freemason was permitted to invite three friends. In 1888 the members voted for a basket social (pot-luck). In 1910 the Installation was held at 3:30 p.m. followed by an oyster supper. Occasionally the Brethren opted for refreshments in the Lodge Room on St. John’s Night. In 1928 the Lower Hall was renovated as a Dining Hall and the Lodge held its first Installation Supper in the new surroundings on December 27 with roast chicken as the main fare. The first reference to the traditional goose supper was in 1937 when approximately sixty members and guests attended. In the 1940’s the St. John’s Night Supper was replaced by an ‘Annual Banquet’ which for several years was held at the Institute Hall in November. Kildare Cape, Montrose Shore, Robert MacAusland’s Beach and Lot 10 were referenced as sites for the picnics. In 1981 the Lodge began the tradition of holding a pot luck supper in late summer. The first ones were held at the United Church Hall. In recent years the Brethren and their families have enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant following their attendance at Divine Worship in June.

Having passed the opportunity to celebrate its Centennial, Zetland Lodge arranged a fine celebration for the One Hundred and Fifteenth Anniversary in 1982. The Lodge had recovered from a decade of decline and the massive renovation project gave added motivation for a celebration. An Anniversary Committee was established in February with W.Bro. Donald Roy Hardy as chairman. The main project was a Lodge History that was researched by M.W.Bro. Robert A. Gordon PGM. (Bro. Gordon deceased in September 1982) W.Bro. Warren W. Goss took up the work of compiling the material. Copies of the thirty-five page History were printed for sale throughout the Jurisdiction. The Brethren had an Anniversary Cake for the Grand Lodge Visitation in October and the new carpet and drapes were dedicated on that occasion by M.W.Bro. James R. Murphy PGM. W.Bro. Ernest Shaw was Worshipful Master for the special year.