The first Communication for Zetland Lodge was held on January 30, 1868 when W.Bro. John Yeo PM of Alexandra Lodge in his capacity as Deputy Provincial Grand Master opened the Lodge on the First Degree, read the Charter and declared Zetland Lodge No. 1200 E.R. duly constituted. Seven Brethren with demits from Alexandra Lodge and one Brother from Burns Lodge (Scottish Registry) of Halifax, Nova Scotia composed the new Lodge. Officers were elected and duly installed. The first principal Officers elected were:

Worshipful Master  Bro. Neil Woodside
Senior Warden  Bro. John Hubbard
Junior Warden  Bro. John A. Matheson.

Bro. Herbert Bell of Burns Lodge was elected as the first Treasurer of the Lodge. The first Annual Return was prepared on January 30, 1868 showing eight Brethren on the Roll including five merchants from Alberton. At the same Communication the first Petitions for membership were received from Thomas Costain, Thomas Rix, James Dalling and Joseph Dyment.

Among the visitors at the inaugural Communication was W.Bro. Josiah Grant PM of Albion Lodge, Nova Scotia. Bro. Grant was a native of Cascumpec and had operated a stagecoach on ‘The Western Road’. He was a Charter Member of King Hiram Lodge in St. Eleanors in 1860.

The Lodge had a busy first year. Five candidates were raised and thirty-one degrees were conferred. A set of Bye-Laws was adopted. The business of the Lodge was conducted on the First Degree except when Fellow Craft or Master Mason Degrees were being conferred. That custom was discontinued in 1875

In 1868 the Lodge began the tradition of installing its new Officers on St. John’s Night. Several Brethren from Alexandra Lodge including W.Bro. John Yeo PM, who assisted the new Lodge at many of its earliest Communications, were present to conduct the Installation. The two Lodges have enjoyed strong fraternal relations and in the early years invitations to attend special Masonic activities were regularly exchanged. Zetland Lodge and Corinthian Lodge held Joint Installations on St. John’s Night from 1984 to 1991.

Zetland Lodge has continued to meet in the same Lodge Room where the initial Communication was held. The Masonic Hall was built in 1867 immediately before Zetland Lodge was chartered. It was built for $800 by a joint stock company and shares were sold at $10 each. Several Masons in the Province purchased shares. The Lodge paid an annual rent of £14 ($45) to the Hall Company. In 1880 the Lodge began the task of purchasing the shares with a view to owning the Hall. That was accomplished in February, 1888 and the Lodge then appointed trustees to administer the facility. The deed for the property was received by the Lodge on August 8, 1889.