Among the present furnishings and appointments in the Lodge Room are some items that were obtained in the early years. On April 9, 1868 Bro. John Hubbard presented an account for £17 / 3 / 6 for furniture and expenses of the supper. The picture of the two Saints John was purchased by the Lodge from W.Bro. John McKinnon for $4 in June, 1880. ( Both King Hiram and Mount Lebanon Lodges had a John McKinnon on the Roll in 1880) The two Charts hanging in the East were bought from St. John’s Lodge for $10 in June, 1881. The Secretary was instructed to obtain a Lodge Seal in 1869.

In the early years the Lodge Room was rented at different times to various religious and community groups. The groups included the Prince Alfred Orange Lodge, Tokalon Lodge of Oddfellows, Baptist and Methodist Churches, Good Templars and Alberton Temperance Alliance. Rental fees varied from twenty-five cents per meeting to $20 annual charges. The rental was discontinued in 1888 when the Lodge gained ownership of the Hall. Until 1928 the lower level was used as a warehouse and was first rented to Alexander MacLeod for $25 per year starting in 1888 and later to Carvell Bros. (1891) and John T. Profit (1892).

In 1875 Zetland Lodge participated in the meetings that led to the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island. Zetland became No. 7 on the new Registry. The first members elected to Grand Lodge were R.W.Bro. John A Matheson as the first Junior Grand Warden and V.W.Bro. George Montgomery as Grand Standard Bearer. Both were installed on June 24, 1875. Zetland Lodge had a total membership of forty-six at that time.

Zetland Lodge has a solid record in upholding the principle of Masonic charity. The foundation was laid in the first few decades. There are numerous accounts of assistance to the widows of deceased Brethren and provision of funds to cover funeral expenses. In October, 1873 a motion was approved “that a sum sufficient be appropriated to defray expenses of the burial of Bro. Capt. Colson found Drowned during the past summer.” A committee was appointed to send to the widow of the drowned Brother any money found on his body and to send an account of his burial to her. In October 1881 a mariner, Bro. Messervey, arrived in the port of Cascumpec in distress. The Lodge voted $6 to send him to Charlottetown and to write the Minister of Marine and Fisheries in Ottawa to refund the money (Minutes, December 27, 1881). The Relief Committee was authorized in February, 1882 to expend up to $10 without consent of Lodge. That limit was increased to $20 in 1886. In January, 1884 the Lodge voted $25 to assist Bro. Paul and Bro. Richard Costain who had lost their barn, stock and implements to fire. In 1885 a social was held and $20 was raised for charity. The money was used to defray the funeral expenses of an indigent Brother. When the Grand Lodge Relief Fund was proposed in 1896, Zetland Lodge voted unanimously to support the Fund and pledged $20 in the first year.