In 1888 a Committee was appointed with power to rent a stable for the winter. In December 1889 the Lodge accepted the offer from W.Bro. J.T. Profit PM for three stalls and a shed for wagons at $8 per year. In 1909 money was voted to move a horse shed from the Oddfellows Lot to the Masonic Hall Lot.

Zetland Lodge followed the tradition of selecting a janitor by annual auction. The first auction was held on February 27, 1868. Bro. Benjamin Rogers had the lowest bid at 3 shillings per night to supply fuel, candles and oil. W.Bro. Alex Matheson PM won the bidding in 1873 at $8.75 annual. The duties at that time included sweeping monthly, scrubbing twice yearly, providing sufficient fuel and light, ventilating before each meeting and putting on the fire. (Minutes, July 6, 1874) The Minutes record that the auction often led to ‘spirited bidding’ as in 1928 when M.W.Bro. J.T.Profit and W.Bro. C.R. Profit vied for the position. It was finally ‘knocked down’ to Bro. C.R. Profit for $1.25 per night fuel included. (Minutes, December 27, 1928) The practise continued until 1942 when the Bro. C.R. Profit won the janitor’s position with a bid of $1.50 per night. In 1943 the position was filled by appointment.

Zetland Lodge hosted the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge for the first time in June, 1912. The Lodge had hosted a Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge in November 1877. Several improvements were made to the building and Lodge Room in 1912. At the January Communication R.W.Bro. John Profit PM suggested that “we cut the Hall and move out the end and build in about ten feet.” The Trustees were empowered to bring in an estimate. Mr. Bruno Peters was hired to do the work. The Trustees were asked to move the partition and stairs as part of the renovation. In May the Brethren approved a motion to have the Trustees paint “three sides of the Hall, and south side of the roof and roof of the annex.” W.Bro. J.T. Profit aided the renovation project by donating a furnace to the Lodge. The Brethren were undoubtedly proud to host Grand Lodge in their expanded and refurbished Lodge Room. Eighty-three Freemasons attended. Bro. Profit was elected as Grand Master at the Communication. The Worshipful Master in 1912 was W.Bro. J.E.C. Hunter.

Several members of the Lodge were in service during WWI. Boxes of cigars were sent to those in action in 1914. Bro. H.J. Wells who had taken his Demit in 1911 became a prisoner of war in Germany and was remembered in 1917 when $7 was forwarded to the Red Cross in London to send “whatever they thought needful” to Mr. Wells. (Minutes, April 17, 1917)