In addition to the Lodge furnishings already referenced, there are several others that have been donated or purchased to enrich the Lodge Room. In 1933 W.Bro. Herbert Larkin donated an Altar Bible in memory of his father, W.Bro. William Larkin. Mrs. W.C. Lawson made an Altar Pillow and M.W.Bro. J.T. Profit added Bible Markers in the same year. Among the Pillar Certificates displayed in the Lodge Room is one belonging to W.Bro. J.L. Dyer who served as Lodge Secretary for thirty-nine years between 1868-1910. In 1986 W.Bro. Raeburn Matthews presented a hand-hooked rug featuring various Masonic symbols and designs and made by Bro. George McIvor Watters of Burns St. Mary’s Lodge No. 505 Hurlford, Ayreshire, Scotland. The rug was donated to the Lodge by Bro. Watters’ nephew, Bro. George Newall of Ashler Lodge No. 76 in Trenton, New Jersey. Bro. Matthews was the nephew of Bro. George Newall. In 1985 an Instructive Chart, ‘The Structure of Masonry’, was presented by W.Bro. Ken Quigley PM to W.Bro. Vernon Hardy, Worshipful Master. The Chart, a prominent item in many of the Craft Lodges, was taken from a 1956 issue of Life Magazine and a picture frame was crafted by Bro. Quigley with the wood of an organ provided by Mr. Alan Pridham from the ruins of the Murdock Wallace residence that had been ravaged by fire. The Past Masters Scroll was donated by W.Bro. Vernon L. Hardy PM and W.Bro. R.A. Hardy PM in 1996. In the same year W.Bro. Vernon Hardy donated a cupboard for the storage of Aprons and Regalia.

Zetland Lodge has had three Grand Masters from within its membership:

M.W.Bro. John T. Profit (1912-13) was the cousin of the first Grand Master from Corinthian Lodge, M.W.Bro. Errol Stetson. M.W.Bro. Profit signed the Charter for Mizpah Lodge. During M.W.Bro. Profit’s year as Grand Master the number of Degrees conferred in the Jurisdiction increased by 25% over the previous year.

M.W.Bro. William C. Lawson (1924-25) presided during the Fiftieth Anniversary of Grand Lodge. Celebrations were held as part of the Annual Communication in Charlottetown on June 24-25, 1925. M.W.Bro. Lawson was the uncle of the third Grand Master from Zetland Lodge.

M.W.Bro. M. Roy Leard (1984-85) opened the Housing Units in Kensington that were built as a Special Project of the three Constituent Lodges in that area. A photo of M.W.Bro. Leard with his son Robert, who was Worshipful Master of Zetland Lodge in 1984, hangs in the Lodge Room.