The Rogers’ name was very prominent in the early history of Zetland Lodge. W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers PM was a Charter Member and was the first Secretary of the Lodge. A Lodge Notice in a frame under glass bearing Bro. Rogers’ signature has been preserved by the Lodge. Bro. Rogers was also a member of the local Sons of Temperance and was not able to reconcile the use of intoxicants at Masonic dinners. He chose to request a Demit in 1869. In 1917 he sought affiliation by depositing his Demit and he was elected to the Lodge in December, 1917. Bro. Rogers’ son, Bro. Reginald H. Rogers was raised in 1915 and was installed as Worshipful Master on St. John’s Night in 1917 when his father affiliated. W.Bro. Reginald Rogers later affiliated with Victoria Lodge No. 2 and became Grand Master in 1941. Bro. Fred Rogers was also a son of W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers. He was raised in 1905. W.Bro. David Rogers, a brother of W.Bro. Benjamin Rogers, was a Charter Member of Mount Lebanon Lodge and the first Lodge Room was located in his store on Water Street in Summerside. Bro. Hubert Rogers was raised in December, 1920. He was best known as a portrait artist of international acclaim. His paintings are displayed across Canada. Zetland Lodge is proud to have two of Bro. Rogers’ works. In 1931 the Lodge received an oil painting ‘G’ featuring a pilgrim in the foreground representing a man seeking Truth and Light as he travels Life’s Road onward and upward toward the Great Light. The second piece of art, ‘Pro Utilitate Hominum’, is the original poster created by Bro. Rogers in 1943 for the fund raising campaign of the Order of St. John during WWII. It was presented to Zetland Lodge in 1952. Bro. Hubert Rogers was given his Life Membership in Zetland Lodge in 1970.

On January 7, 1915 the Brethren voted “that we light the Hall with electric lights.” A committee was appointed to arrange for wiring the Hall. After the Brethren approved payment of monthly electric bills of 65¢, 80¢ and 40¢ in April, May and June respectively a motion was approved to have the Treasurer pay the bills as they arrive and submit his bill at the end of the year. (Minutes, June 10 , 1915.)

The Lodge held the Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations on January 30, 1918, the date on which the Lodge had been instituted in 1868. W.Bro. Reginald H. Rogers was Worshipful Master and Bro. Fred L. Rogers acted as Secretary for the Special Communication. The Minutes of January 30, 1868 were read. Three of the Charter Members were in attendance. M.W.Bro. J.T. Profit PGM gave a sketch of the Lodge’s History. Other speakers included Bro. Benjamin Rogers who recalled some of the developments around the establishment of Zetland Lodge including the name which he had suggested. He rejoiced that Freemasonry now defends the principle of temperance for which he fought. He indicated that because of his age he could not be of any value to the Lodge but was glad to be associated with the Brethren of earlier years. (Bro. Rogers deceased in 1923 and was the first member for whom a Memorial Page was engrossed in the Minutes.) On the occasion of the Anniversary the Lodge unveiled a Tablet to honour the Brethren and sons of Brethren who served in WW1. Twenty-two names were inscribed on the Tablet. The Lodge had a membership of fifty-five in 1918 and admitted ten during the War.