The previous decade of inactivity had taken a heavy toll on the physical condition of the Hall and Lodge Room. The heating system became a priority. The Regular Communication in January, 1974 was cancelled because the Lodge Room was too cold. A notation in the Minutes for February stated that “the heater had been on since 2:00 p.m. but the snow had not melted off the floor.” One of the Brothers donated an oil furnace and it was installed for $100 in September. The firewood that was stored in the basement was donated to a needy family. In 1977 serious consideration was given to purchasing an adjacent lot and moving the building to a new site. By 1978 the option of buying the old Town Court House was the clear preference of a majority of the Brethren. W.Bro. Reagh Callbeck, chairman of the Building Committee, advised that renovations to the Court House would cost $24,000. On April 12, 1979 the Lodge voted 8 : 4 in favour of moving to the Court House. On July 12, 1979 Bro. Callbeck presented a motion to advise the Town of Alberton that Zetland Lodge wishes to repair its own building rather than the Court House and that the Lodge would like a grant of $10,000 from the Neighbourhood Improvement Program to carry out the repairs. The motion was seconded by Bro. Ernest Shaw and approved. The Minutes are silent on the reason for the change in plans. (W.Bro. Vernon Hardy PM indicated in an Interview on April 13, 2000 that the Court House required more restoration than was first thought including a new foundation.)

The request for N.I.P. funds was later amended to $20,000 and in 1980-82 the Masonic Hall and Lodge Room were completely renovated. The roof was shingled and new windows, doors, sills, siding, ceiling, wiring and floor for lower rooms were added. A well was drilled on an adjacent lot and water was piped into the Hall for the first time. Washroom facilities were added. The interior walls and stairwell were painted. Two window ladders and three fire extinguishers were purchased in 1982 along with a set of front steps. The Lodge Room was carpeted and drapes were prepared. Cupboards were added in the Ante Room. The Brethren contributed many hours of volunteer labour to the project. As an example the Brethren acknowledged thirty-six hours of work in the Ante Room by W.Bro Raeburn Matthews and W.Bro. Robert Leard. In 1980 funding was provided and solicited to acquire a motorized wheel chair for a Brother suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The Lodge approved a lease of the lower level to Mrs. Sybil MacLean for a Fabric and Yarn Shop in 1981.

Zetland No. 7
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Zetland Lodge
Corner of Poplar and Central Streets