One of the most admired Freemasons in this Jurisdiction during the past decade was R.W.Bro. Terence R. Verma. R.W.Bro. Verma was raised in Zetland Lodge on March 6, 1986. He served as Worshipful Master in Zetland Lodge in 1992. His zeal for the Fraternity led to his involvement in York Rite, Scottish Rite and the Shrine. R.W.Bro. Verma was called to the Celestial Lodge on November 19, 1999. At the time of his death he was Senior Grand Warden in the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island and Grand King in the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. His contribution in word and deed to the many branches of Freemasonry that he attended was remarkable considering his relatively short time in Masonry. R.W.Bro. Verma concluded one of his many interesting and informative Addresses in Zetland Lodge with the observation that “we can only pay our debt to the past by putting the future in debt to ourselves.” (Minutes, September 10, 1998) May that invocation inspire all Brethren to the kind of service that R.W.Bro. Verma encouraged and modelled. (A portrait of R.W.Bro. Verma was presented to Zetland Lodge by his son, Bro. Sechen Verma, on behalf of Dr. Verma’s widow, Dr. Prem Verma, on September 14, 2000 during the Visitation of Grand Lodge)

Zetland Lodge has been one of the great beacons of Freemasonry in the Western part of this Jurisdiction for more than one hundred and thirty years. Its steady attachment to the principle of Masonic Charity in all of its forms has been a distinguishing quality. The Lodge has overcome many obstacles and ‘low times’ but each time the steadfastness of a core of devoted Brethren restored the Lodge to normalcy. Proper maintenance of the building and a commitment to the care and preservation of the Lodge Room and its unique and valued furnishings is a recurring theme in the Lodge Minutes. May the great traditions continue!