Zetland Lodge did not confine its charitable work to needs at home. There are several accounts of money being voted for worthy causes abroad. In 1877 the Lodge contribution $45 for the Brethren of Saint John whose Temple was destroyed by fire. In August 1910 the Lodge voted $20 as relief for the Brethren of Campbellton, New Brunswick who had suffered a fire. In 1917 $50 was voted for relief efforts following the Halifax Explosion. In the 1940’s the Lodge began annual donations to the Shriners’ Hospital in Montreal. In 1950 the Lodge voted money to aid the Brethren of Saint Andrew’s Lodge who had lost their Temple in a fire. In 1960 the Lodge voted $50 for the C.N.I.B. In more recent years the Lodge has contributed regularly to the Western Hospital. Since 1983 the Lodge has sponsored and organized the Terry Fox Run in Alberton. The Walter Callow Veterans and Invalids Welfare League received annual donations from Zetland Lodge in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

One of the most difficult rulings in Masonic Jurisprudence in this Jurisdiction occurred in 1928. Zetland Lodge received a Petition for membership from a person with one arm. The Worshipful Master in 1928 was M.W.Bro. W.C. Lawson PGM. An Investigating Committee reported at the Regular Communication in April and the candidate was balloted on and accepted. At the Regular Communication on May 10 a letter from the Grand Secretary stated “that owing to (Mr. X’s) deformity the Grand Master (M.W.Bro. William J. Drake) could not allow Zetland Lodge to initiate him.” At the June Communication the Brethren voted to return the petitioner’s Application Fee of $6. Bro. Drake stated that he was guided by the Constitution and Landmarks of the Order. As one reflects upon that decision and seeks to understand it in the context of a different era, one must also consider the often careless and improper practises in many Lodges today on the part of Brethren who do not have any physical limitations in complying with the several modes of recognition.

On January 30, 1943 the Seventy-fifth Anniversary was celebrated. Attendance was small. The Chairman of the Anniversary Committee, W.Bro. J.E.C. Hunter PM, gave a brief history of Zetland. The Lodge had anniversary gifts for the seventeen Brethren in the War and the eleven sons of members who were in battle. The Worshipful Master was Bro. Keith Pratt who in the year 2000 marked sixty-eight years in Masonry. Bro. Pratt has continued to be active in the Fraternity as a frequent visitor in the Craft Lodges, as a member of King Solomon Chapter No. 28 Royal Arch Masons in O’Leary and Aden Chapter No. 133 in Florida where he spends the winter season. Bro. Pratt’s knowledge of the railway and interest in trains was recognized recently when Allan Graham dedicated his illustrated history, “A Photo History of the Prince Edward Island Railway”, to the nonagenarian.