On October 30, 1995 St. George’s Lodge honoured one of its stalwarts of the last half-century. V.W.Bro. Spurgeon Walker was presented with a Plaque by the Brethren “for distinguished and unselfish service” as Lodge Secretary. He was first elected Secretary in 1950. He received a Secretary’s Jewel on Nov 7, 1989 during the Grand Lodge Visitation. The presentation was made by W.Bro. Blair Myers, Worshipful Master. V.W.Bro. Walker concluded his duties as Secretary on September 30, 1996 after 41 years of service. V.W.Bro. Walker received his Honorary Rank in 1984 from the Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Sinclair MacTavish. The current Ledger and Bible Markers were gifts to the Lodge from Bro. Walker and his son Bro Kenneth Walker in 1973.

The Aitken name has been associated with St. George’s Lodge throughout its history. W.Bro. Kenneth Aitken PM, the current Secretary of the Lodge, is the great, great, grand nephew of the first Worshipful Master of St. George’s Lodge, W.Bro. William Bearisto Aitken. The Past Master’s Jewel of W.Bro. William B. Aitken is safely encased in the Lodge Room. A Beaver Hat was presented by W.Bro. G.A. Aitken PM on February 7, 1928. W.Bro. George A. Aitken apparently carried out some of the renovation work in 1863 after the Lodge acquired the old Hall. An account dated 1863 with interest charges was presented to the Lodge in 1876 by Bro. Aitken for £15 / 12 – / “for building and finishing this Lodge.”

One of the best known family names in the history of St. George’s Lodge is the Lavers Family. W.Bro. Andrew J.F. Lavers PM was raised in 1902 and immediately installed as Junior Warden. He was Worshipful Master in 1905 when the Brethren decided to move the Lodge from the outskirts to the centre of Town. His five sons also became members of the Lodge – M.W.Bro. Albert E., W.Bro. A. Earl, W.Bro. F. Raymond, W.Bro. Harry G. and W.Bro. David R. On September 21, 1951 W.Bro. Andrew Lavers received his Fifty Year Pin from M.W.Bro. J. Archibald Thomson, Grand Master, during the Grand Lodge Visitation. His five sons were present and a picture of the special occasion was prepared by W.Bro. R.K. Clements PM of Saint Andrew’s Lodge and later presented to Bro. Lavers. The picture hangs in the St. George’s Lodge Collection in the Temple in Montague. W.Bro. Andrew Lavers’ Master Mason’s Apron was presented to his grandson, W.Bro. Gordon Lavers ( Victoria No. 2) in a ceremony on November 4, 1980. Another grandson, W.Bro. William Lavers, was honoured to receive the Masonic Ring worn by his grandfather. The ring had been lost in the family garden for two years. M.W.Bro. A.E. Lavers, one of the five sons, was elected as Grand Master in 1963. He was made an Honorary Member of Victoria Lodge No. 2. In March 1987 Bro. Lavers’ Family presented a Memorial donation to the Building Fund in his memory. Part of the donation was used to purchase the Letter G which hangs above the Master’s Chair.

These families and many others have contributed to the rich heritage that is St. George’s. Wonderful traditions are continued and the total number of members has changed very little in the past seventy-five years. It is unfortunate that the Brethren do not own their own Lodge Room where the many beautiful and unique gifts and furnishings that have been acquired and preserved over 139 years could be displayed.