More painful decisions faced the Brethren in the next few months. On July 5, 1977 the Secretary was instructed to contact St. Andrew’s Lodge to determine if some of the Lodge’s pictures could be hung on the north wall of the Lodge Room in Montague. On August 2 a motion to pay St. David’s Church $100 rent for ten meetings was adopted. The fate of the old Hall was considered. Pleas were heard not to have the Hall demolished. At the September 7 Communication a secret ballot settled the issue by a vote of 12 : 3 in favour of demolition. On December 6, 1977 the Secretary reported that the Georgetown Fire Department had burned the old Hall at 12: 30 p.m. on November 1. The Hall was located on Kent Street between Kings Playhouse and the Courthouse. The lot is now part of the A.A. MacDonald Memorial Gardens.

The Brethren have used the St. David’s Church Hall at 46 Grafton Street as their Lodge Room since 1977. In 1981 the Brethren assisted with the shingling of the Hall. In 1982 the Brethren voted to raise the rent to $15 per meeting.

Saint John's Lodge No. 1
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
St. David’s United Church Hall
46 Grafton Street

Between Regular Communications the Charter and Lodge furnishings are maintained in a small storeroom. The storeroom also contains many unique and interesting items from the rich heritage of the Lodge. The wooden design of the Square and Compasses and the Letter G for display on the exterior door was designed and made in the 1960’s by Art MacNeill, a school teacher from St. Peters. The design replaced a painted design in the glass of the door of the old Lodge Room that was broken one Hallowe’en. The original etching had been done by a Mr. Crossman. Pictures of the two Saints John that originally hung on either side of the Charter are carefully preserved. Likewise a framed picture of King Solomon and the two Hirams with the Square and Compasses in three settings depicting the three Degrees of Craft Masonry is a unique and beautiful relic. The Lodge has retained several Masonic Altar Bibles that were gifts. In 1927 W.Bro. R. MacLaren presented a large Masonic Altar Bible. On December 7, 1954 V.W.Bro. W.A. Patterson presented a Pictorial Masonic Bible to the Lodge prior to his departure to another pastorate. In 1989 the Central Kings Pastoral Charge of the United Church presented the Lodge with a Masonic Bible. Among the several Master Mason Certificates stored in the Lodge none is more beautiful and unique than the one presented to W.Bro. Daniel Skinner (1899). Bro. Skinner was one of three Brethren from the Lodge who served in WWI. The large framed Certificate depicts various elements of the first three Degrees of Freemasonry. The centerpiece of the Certificate is a picture of the Monarch.