The Temple Company has rented the first storey and basement of the Temple to a variety of tenants over the years. Presently the Senior Auxiliary of the Kings County Memorial Hospital Nearly New Shop has a lease agreement with the Temple Company for the use of the ground floor at $560 monthly. Previous tenants on the ground floor included Hyndman and Co. Insurance and Maritime Electric. The # 327 Air Cadet Squadron in Montague has been given use of the Basement for its headquarters free of charge.

Saint Andrew’s Lodge remains one of the most active Lodges in the Jurisdiction. The Annual Auction now in its fifty-fifth year is a fine tribute to the hardworking and committed Brethren. The assistance rendered through the Auction in the Health sector and to other worthy causes in the community certainly promotes important principles of Freemasonry in this Province. The generosity shown by Saint Andrew’s Lodge toward other Constituent Lodges in times of need is a well-established example for all. The positive fraternal relationships with other Lodges outside the Jurisdiction has brought many lasting rewards to the Brethren involved. The Lodge has always prided itself in its ability to attract new members having raised at least one new candidate each year since 1883 with the exception of 1899, 1965 and 1983. Over the years the Brethren have been swift in overcoming adversity, strong in their commitment to benevolence and highly competent in the presentation of Degrees.