Several of the Brethren have received special honours from Grand Lodge. In 1984 M.W.Bro. Sinclair MacTavish Grand Master, granted the Honorary Rank of ‘Very Worshipful’ to W.Bro. Charles Dutney PM in recognition of his long and distinguished service as Secretary of the Lodge. Bro. Dutney has served the Office of Secretary continuously since he was first elected in September 1963. Bro. Dutney’s predecessor as Secretary, W.Bro. Harry Johnstone, deceased in March, 1963. He had served as Secretary for twenty-seven years during which time he is reported to have missed only two Communications. (MacLaren, p. 50) Bro. Johnstone’s Past Master’s Apron was presented to the Lodge in September 1963 by his sister for use by the new Secretary.

V.W.Bro. Harold M. Smith received the Honorary Rank, Very Worshipful, in 1992 from M.W.Bro. Eldon C.Wright. Bro. Smith (Smitty) was raised Welsford Lodge No. 26 in 1926 and affiliated with Saint Andrew’s Lodge in 1965. He served a Treasurer from 1972-1991. Bro. Smith was selected as ‘Mason of the Year’ in Grand Lodge in 1985. In 1990 he was honoured by the Potentate of Philae Temple as the first member to attain sixty years of membership. On November 4, 1996 the Brethren of Saint Andrew’s honoured Bro. Smith on his Seventieth Anniversary as a Master Mason. On January 26, 2001 Bro. Smith laid down his working tools after a very distinguished Masonic Career of seventy-four years.

One of the most influential members of the Lodge was W.Bro. Robert K. Clements PM. Bro. Clements was raised in 1919 and was a driving force in the building and financing of the Temple. The Brethren presented him with a Past Master’s Jewel on December 26, 1926 in recognition of his work on the new Temple and in 1963 he received a Past Master’s Apron from the Brethren. In October 1970 the Lodge honoured Bro. Clements for his long service as Lodge Treasurer by presenting to him a reclining chair and plaque. Bro. Clements was elected as Grand Senior Warden in the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island in 1935. Like so many other Freemasons Bro. Clements gave more than his time and talents to the Lodge. Tangible gifts include the Neon Letter ‘G’ (1957) and Altar Cloth (1966).

Renovations and capital expenditures are handled by the Saint Andrew’s Temple Company. Details of the major renovation projects and improvements to the building in recent years are not provided in the Lodge Minutes. There is reference to a Winter Works project in 1983-84 which included funding for interior redecorating and the installation of bench seats. In 1986 discussion began on the installation of a special lift chair to provide easier access to the Lodge Room for physically challenged Brethren. The Lodge also approved $3000 in 1986 to provide a fire escape.