One of the great benefactors of St. George’s Lodge was W.Bro. David Kaye PM. (Bro. Kaye’s portrait is in the St. George’s Collection in the Temple in Montague) He was a Charter Member and served as Worshipful Master in 1865. He loaned a sum of money (£40) to the Lodge in the 1860’s to assist in establishing the first Lodge Room and he donated a portion of a Town Lot to the Lodge when the building was located adjacent to his home on Glenelg Street. In 1866 the Brethren presented Bro. Kaye with a Past Master’s Jewel in appreciation of his service to the Lodge. In 1875 he donated the Jewel back to the Lodge and it has been respectfully displayed in a new case that was crafted and donated by W.Bro. Stirling MacDonald PM in 1994. Bro. MacDonald has also crafted and donated the two padded Kneeling Benches (1983) and the carrying case for the Lodge Aprons (1994). In September 1875 Bro. Kaye also donated a Chased Silver Snuff Box “to be kept filled with snuff from which a pinch may be administered to any Brethren who may become drowsy.” A Masonic Pin presented at the same time was intended to be worn by the Senior Warden. Bro. Kaye’s Royal Arch Certificate dated October 1, 1866 as a member of Alexandra Chapter in Charlottetown is preserved in the storeroom in St. David’s Hall. Thirty-one Freemasons including M.W.Bro. Adam Murray PDGM attended Bro. Kaye’s funeral on June 24, 1893.

In 1936 St. George’s celebrated its 75th Anniversary. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Douglas M. Gordon. Grand Lodge visited on September 17 and M.W.Bro. H.E. Ward, Grand Master, delivered a History of the Lodge. Thirty-nine Brethren attended.

In 1960, perhaps in anticipation of its Centennial, the Lodge undertook a large renovation project. The Worshipful Master was M.W.Bro. Norman Thompson. Work was completed on the roof and on the interior walls and floor. The Brethren directed praise and credit to the Treasurer, W.Bro. H.G. Ross PM for his work on the project. The Lodge obtained a loan from the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund at 4% to help in financing the work.

In 1961 St. George’s Lodge celebrated its Centennial with two days of special activities. The Worshipful Master was W.Bro. Warren MacDonald. The Senior Warden, Bro. Preston MacDonald, was chairman of the Program Committee for the celebrations. On Sunday, September 17 an estimated one hundred Freemasons attended Divine Worship at St. David’s United Church. The Grand Chaplain, V.W.Bro. C.R. Webber, was the guest speaker. The twenty-five members of the Summerside Masonic Choir were in attendance. The guests were hosted at a meal in the Church Hall following the Service. On September 18 the Grand Lodge held its Visitation at St. George’s. There were seventy-four Freemasons in attendance including eleven Grand Lodge Officers and nineteen members of St. George’s Lodge. V.W.Bro. W.A. MacQuarrie, the Grand Historian, presented a history of St. George’s Lodge. M.W.Bro. James Cole, Grand Master, was not able to be present due to illness A banquet followed in the Church Hall where the special speaker was Bro. Steeves. St. George’s Lodge had a membership of forty-six in 1961.