Although the damage was extensive the Brethren were able to restore several items that were recovered from the ruins. The Charter, Altar and Bible were partly protected by a portion of the roof which collapsed against the eastern end of the structure. Bro. George Lake was able to salvage and restore several items.

Many of the Lodges in the Jurisdiction offered assistance to Saint Andrew’s in their time of need. St. Georges No. 4 offered their Lodge Room for Communications. Hiram and Lebanon No. 3 donated a set of Collars for the Officers. Financial gifts were received from King Edward No 16, Prince of Wales No. 18, Mizpah No. 17 and from several Lodges in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Grand Lodge presented the Lodge with a new Bible during an Official Visitation on October 2, 1950. The Bible remained in continuous use for almost fifty years until a new Altar Bible was presented on November 1, 1999 by R.W.Bro. Garland C. Brooks, Grand Chaplain Emeritus. The Bible had been given to Bro. Brooks by the late Grand Secretary, M.W.Bro. M. Earl MacDonald, with the request that it be placed in a Lodge where the need for a replacement Bible existed.

The Building Committee with some additions took charge of the rebuilding project. R.W.Bro. Douglas MacLaren PM arranged for a supply of lumber and Mr. Lloyd Higginbotham was hired as the carpenter. The Brethren provided much volunteer help and on May 1, 1950 the first Communication was held in the rebuilt Lodge Room. In addition to the volunteer help several gifts of furnishings were received from some of the Brethren. The Tyler’s Sword was a gift from M.W.Bro. L.M. MacKinnon PGM in 1950. A history of the Sword was ordered to be framed for display in the Lodge. (Minutes, December 27, 1950) W.Bro. Alexander MacKenzie donated a set of Bible Markers in 1952.

Saint Andrew’s collected $ 5500 in insurance, $ 215 from other Lodges and $180 in contributions from the Brethren. Bonds totalling $ 5400 were sold. The cost of the rebuilding project as reported on September 11, 1950 was $8570.34 leaving a total debt on the Lodge of $9752.59. (MacLaren p. 43) Fifteen years later the Lodge made its final payment on the mortgage.

St. Andrew's Lodge No. 13
Photo by W.Bro. Frank Graham
Saint Andrew’s Lodge No. 13
586 Main Street South